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Your Worth isn't defined by "Imperfections".

I create authentic, timeless portraits that show your beauty & power.

“After losing the weight I still looked at myself as overweight,  I did not understand what others saw.” Ms K When I decided to focus solely on Boudoir portraits five years ago, I never realized just how impactful it was going to be.  Ms K is another tremendous weight loss story I’ve had the honor […]

Ms K | Weight Loss | Keswick Iowa Boudoir

Brunette Blond hair and Brown eyed woman celebrating weight loss being shy on bed for Boudoir Photoshoot

October 12, 2021

“Initially as a gift for my husband, but it turned into so much more.” Ms S What can I say about Ms S?  Classy, kind, and fun to be around.  We had so much fun at her session and she went all in.  We did two hair and make-up looks and captured her sophisticated side […]

Ms S | Worth Every Penny | Iowa Boudoir

blond hair and blue eyed woman wearing sheer black shapewear mini dress

October 2, 2021

“The pictures are MORE than just snapshots – they are art. Cassy made me see ME for the first time in a very long time ” Ms A O-M-G guys- I finally got to do it: A SNOW BOUDOIR SHOOT!  When I met with A for her consultation, we talked about doing some outdoor shots in […]

Ms A | Snow Day | Dubuque Iowa Boudoir

Blonde haired woman wears black lingerie outside for snow day iowa Boudoir Photoshoot

September 21, 2021

“It helped me realize that I am strong enough to do something that scares me and to walk away from an unhealthy marriage.” Ms K Ms K is S-T-R-O-N-G.  When we initially started planning her session, it was going to be a gift but plans changed and life took a different turn.  So instead of […]

Ms K | Feel Strong | Thornton Iowa Boudoir

Brunette hair and blue eyed woman in white sheet feels strong after Iowa Boudoir Photoshoot

September 10, 2021

“I wanted to fall in love with myself and see the progress I had made.” Ms H Ms H is a strong, open woman and a role model.  She dealt with neglect and abuse growing up and an unhealthy relationship.  One day while she was playing with her littles, she decided enough was enough. Her […]

Ms H 230 lb weight loss | Fort Madison Iowa Boudoir

Brunette hair and blue eyed woman wearing black shirt and boots celebrating weight loss in Iowa Boudoir Photoshoot

August 31, 2021

“My experience was better than I ever expected. I couldn’t believe how beautiful and sexy I looked.” Ms R I love working with women who celebrate their achievements. Ms R is a hard worker and has goals in mind.  She knew after hard work and dedication, rewarding herself is the best way to keep her […]

Ms R | Goals And Reward | Iowa Boudoir

Brunette Blond hair and blue eyed woman rewards herself with Boudoir Photoshoot

August 21, 2021

“Obviously my husband finds me attractive but it gave me a ton of confidence when I watched his reaction to the photos” Mc C Ms C was looking for the ultimate wedding gift- a way to make her wedding day even more memorable (and steamy).  After we talked via video chat, I knew we were […]

Ms C | Groom Gift | Jesup Iowa Boudoir

Brunette hair woman in red lace for groom's gift Boudoir Photoshoot

August 10, 2021

“And then I showed the portraits to my husband and… well… WORTH EVERY PENNY” Ms P When Ms P reached out to book a session for her 50th birthday, I was beyond excited.  Many times I’ve heard from women that there is an “expiration date” on your sex appeal as a woman and I couldn’t […]

Ms P | Fabulously 50 | Burlington Iowa Boudoir

Blond hair and blue eyed woman celebrating 50 in Boudoir Photoshoot

July 26, 2021

“On my low days, hectic days, days where I’m tired, the days I can’t get out of pajamas, or even the days that I see another beautiful person and find myself lacking I am able to take out my album and remember I have these images in me” Ms K Ms K is a super […]

Ms K | Turning 40 | Lu Verne Iowa Boudoir

Brunette curly hair and brown eyed woman celebrates turning 40 wears HUK fishing shirt for boudoir photoshoot

July 20, 2021

“My biggest concern was feeling silly & not achieving the sex appeal in my photos.  BUT I WAS WRONG. I’m so grateful Cassy is who she is” Ms K Hey girlfriend!  Today we celebrate Bombshell Ms K.  This beautiful mother of 2 was feeling doubt and lack of confidence (like many of us mom’s do […]

Ms K | Sexy | Castalia Iowa Boudoir

Blond hair and blue eyed woman feels sexy in white sheet for vintage Boudoir Photoshoot

July 10, 2021