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“My biggest concern was feeling silly & not achieving the sex appeal in my photos.  BUT I WAS WRONG. I’m so grateful Cassy is who she is”

Ms K

Hey girlfriend!  Today we celebrate Bombshell Ms K.  This beautiful mother of 2 was feeling doubt and lack of confidence (like many of us mom’s do after our motherhood changes our bodies).  She’s always been drawn to the gorgeous women of the 50’s- the era of the pin up- classy demure and smoldering.  While I don’t shoot traditional pin up work, I love taking inspiration and making a modern twist.  My amazing hair and make up artist, Danni, also deeply loves that genre of photography so she was the perfect fit to make Ms K’s dreams a reality.  

The end result- AMAZING!  Check out her story (and images) below just to see how impactful her session was on her own attitude regarding her body and her beauty.

Blond hair and blue eyed woman feels sexy in Black silk lingerie for vintage Boudoir Photoshoot

Tell us your story, a little bit about you and why you decided to do a boudoir session?

I really needed a confidence booster! I have been on a journey to lose weight and to try and get my confidence back, after having 2 kids and letting myself go because I was too consumed with what everyone else needed.  I didn’t pay much attention to my self care anymore. But then I realized I need to do those things to in order to be the best for my family. And I wanted to feel sexy again! I wanted to feel like the gorgeous woman I know that I am!

Blond hair and blue eyed woman feels sexy in silk lingerie for vintage Boudoir Photoshoot

What was your biggest concern prior to booking your Boudoir Session? How do you feel now?

My biggest concern was feeling silly, and not achieving the sex appeal in my photos. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to pull off sexy lingerie, and that my squishy would show too much that I would feel even more self conscious than I did before. But I was WRONG. These images completely crushed those negative feelings and helped me to embrace my body and my self confidence.  Cassy was so helpful, and easy to take guidance from, and I couldn’t be more excited for how they turned out. I felt like I could have been featured in a magazine!! 

Blond hair and blue eyed woman feels sexy in white shirt for Boudoir Photoshoot

What did doing this shoot do for your self confidence, self worth, and self image? Tell me your story.

I haven’t always believed people, or my husband when they have said things like, “you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen”, or, “you don’t know how beautiful you are”. I have never looked in the mirror and thought that those things were true. After my shoot, and when I got my images back, it took my breath away. I couldn’t believe that the images I was looking at were me. Slowly I started to realize that I was the one that was holding myself back and not allowing myself the grace and compassion to embrace my beautiful body that brought two wonderful children into the world, and a body that has carried me through life. I needed to love myself before I could truly love those around me. 

Blond hair and blue eyed woman feels sexy in white shirt and top hat for Boudoir Photoshoot

Was your experience what you were expecting? If not, how was it different?

My experience was so much more than I expected. I went through all the emotions that day, but I left with a different perspective, and I gained the grace and forgiveness I needed for myself to see the beautiful strong woman that has been hiding for so long, that everyone else sees, but I couldn’t allow myself to see. I broke down those walls, and it was an absolutely freeing experience!

Is there anything extra you would like to tell us?

I am so grateful that Cassy is who she is! She was absolutely wonderful! She made me feel so comfortable,  and positive through the whole day. I felt like a movie star!

Blond hair and blue eyed woman feels sexy Marilyn Monroe white sheet vintage Boudoir Photoshoot

Thank you so much for choosing me to capture you and bring out your inner bombshell. You are a movie star in my eyes girl (and to all those around you). <3

Hair and Makeup by Danni Manning

Have you thought about booking your own shoot with Cassy? Download your complimentary Dream Shoot Planner by clicking HERE.  It will tell you all about the experience and what to expect.  I would love to chat with you! You can give me a call directly at 319-849-5152.  You can also email me at  I can’t wait to hear from you!

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