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“I chose to do a boudoir session because I really wanted to capture my pregnancy and the beauty of it.”

Ms S is a super chill laid back kind of gal- and you would have to be working as a surgical RN! This wasn’t her first Boudoir rodeo but there were still some nerves involved. Pregnancy changes- EVERYTHING and what to wear, what poses to do, were just a couple of questions on this soon to be mom.

Outdoor White Lace Gown Black Bra Maternity Boudoir Photography

Tell us your story, a little bit about you and why you decided to do a boudoir session?

My name is Sarah and I am engaged and now have a 2 month old son. I work as a surgical RN and have always loved photography. If I could do it all over, I feel that I would be a photographer. I chose to do a boudoir session because I really wanted to capture my pregnancy and the beauty of it. 

What was your biggest concern prior to booking your Boudoir Session? How do you feel now?

My biggest concern was what to wear. But now I feel you can grab anything really and it works.

Have you ever done a boudoir shoot before? If so, how does your shoot with Cassy compare to your prior experience?

I have done a boudoir shoot before and it was fun, however I felt so much more comfortable with Cassy. We had great conversation the entire time and she made me feel amazing.

Brunette Black Bra Blue Robe White Sheet Maternity Boudoir Photography Natural Window Light

What, specifically, did you enjoy most about your portrait session and why?

I enjoyed being able to express myself and just have fun with it. 

Was your experience what you were expecting? If not, how was it different?

I had never met Cassy before this so I was unsure how it would be, but she was super personable and made me feel good so comfortable and beautiful that it just flowed so well. It was amazing and I would definitely do it again.

And O-M-G her little dude is so dang cute! Thank you for choosing me S. You are going to rock this mom thing. <3

Hair by Amanda Birdnow of Sundara Salon And Makeup by Zoe Harrison of Color Divine

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