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Your Worth isn't defined by "Imperfections".

I create authentic, timeless portraits that show your beauty & power.

“After becoming a mom, that pouch just never went away. I’ve always worn baggy tshirts and sweatshirts.” Ms T Who can relate to Ms T?  (Insert hand-raised emoji here) I wholeheartedly feel that sentence.  And while society doesn’t tell us to be shamed at our mom bod, how often do we see mothers in advertising […]

Mom Bod | Iowa Boudoir

Curly Brunette, brown eyed woman giggling on the bed during white sheet Boudoir Photoshoot to celebrate her mom bod

July 26, 2022

“Cassy took a lot of time with me. She put a lot of thought and detail into everything.” Ms A No two sessions are the same…. Because no two clients are the same.  Just because I’m the same person doesn’t mean you get a cookie-cutter experience.  My session with Ms A was no exception.  Getting […]

Celebrate your Body | Marion Iowa Boudoir

Brunette, blue eyed woman celebrates her body during natural light Boudoir Photoshoot

July 14, 2022

“What will you do one day when your children look for photographs of you and there are none?” Sue Bryce I want to talk about Moms. None of us would be here if we didn’t have one and some of us have carried that legacy on by becoming mothers ourselves. There has been a shift […]

Are Mothers honored? Iowa Mother Portrait

Blond hair woman wearing lace dress for Iowa Mother Portrait Photoshoot

March 26, 2022